The Boys Season 3(Review)[Fan Fare Fridays]


It seems with each season of The Boys, it pushes the envelope more and more of what it can get away with. Season 3 in my opinion is the most wildest yet with vile and disgusting acts you will see in each episode. I will not lie, I almost did not even make it through the first episode of the new season. There’s an opening sequence that references the meme that was going around about Antman going up the butt of Thanos when Avenger’s Infinity War was released, and that is all I am going to say about that.

The plot of this season answers the age old question of what a normal person would do if they had superpowers. The answer is attempt to kill off your nemesis and if there is collateral damage in the process, so be it. We also get an introduction to Soldier Boy who is like Captain America except if he was a racist POS. He was betrayed, so he is on a mission of revenge, and he has a the power to literally go nuclear which helps him in that process. Homelander is just as dangerous as ever. All he wants is to be loved, and if he cannot be loved, he will settle for worldwide destruction. They keep teasing Homelander’s imminent takeover of the world just like he did in the comics, and this pushes that storyline even further.

Of course, what the fans were waiting for was the portrayal of Herogasm, and that episode did not disappoint. By the point, I had been so desensitized that even though with everything that happened, I was still not totally affected by it. There is a tongue-in-cheek viewer discretion before the episode begins which accurately describes what you are about to witness. But then, we see our first confrontation between Homelander, Soldier Boy, and Butcher and it did not disappoint.

Other plot points see Starlight finally saying enough is enough and making a stand against Homelander and Vought in general. We also learn more about Black Noir’s past and what led him to become who he is. The episodes keep the action flowing and keep the plot moving. You cannot help not to be engrossed by the set pieces.

Then comes the final episode which shows the final confrontation between Homelander and Soldier Boy. Their battle has become more personal, and just as it seems like finally Homelander will get his due, he has trump card which turns the battle in his favor. The battles that do happen are very exciting and raises the stakes for everyone involved. It builds for Season 4 with a new powerful threat to worry about. They definitely deviated from the comics as the show seems to be taking a different direction than the comic storyline. I feel eventually we will get to that point, but as to when, who knows.

The Boy Season 3 is more violent, more risque, but everyone who has watched the show so far will enjoy. All 8 episodes are currently available via Amazon Prime Video if you want to check it out, but bring some barf bags as you might need them.

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