The Batman (2022) (Review)[Fan Fare Fridays]


When it was announced we would be getting yet another Batman reboot with Robert Pattinson playing the caped crusader, I had my doubts. I can say after watching The Batman, those doubts were erased. Matt Reeves gives us a take on the Dark Knight that is bit darker and reminds me of a noir crime thriller.

The plot has us following Batman in his earlier years as he is being targeted by a criminal known as The Riddler. He must solve the puzzles and figure out how to stop the madmen before he enacts his mastermind to destroy Gotham at its very core.

Speaking of the Riddler, this is a more terrifying version of his character. He is portrayed more so like a Zodiac Killer, especially in the ways he leaves clues for Batman to figure out who his next target is going be. In this universe, he is known as Edward Nashton, which I assume eventually he will adopt his more known moniker of Edward Nygma in later movies to come. This Riddler is very cold and calculating, and he has an agenda. His backstory which led to him this is based on a rough childhood, where he was forgotten by Bruce Wayne, and this whole plan is his payback to show the rich cannot have it all. We also see The Penguin who is a lackey to the Falcone mob family. In addition, Catwoman features, and her and Batman build into a budding romance.

A few things that distinguish this Batman film from the rest is how for example, we see Batman being more of a detective than just beating thugs up. We see how he analyzes crime scenes as well as using different tools to help him solve the puzzles left behind by the Riddler. His butler Alfred Pennyworth is there to lend a helping hand at times. Another example is the amazing sequences contained within the movie, such as the Batmobile chase scene. There is also a scene where there is a shootout between Batman and some thugs in complete darkness. We see intermittent flashes of light as bullets are sprayed by the muzzle of the guns as Batman pummels them.

I wouldn’t go so far in calling it my most favorite Batman film, but it is pretty high up there. Pattinson wasn’t that bad as Batman, though I really didn’t think he made a great Bruce Wayne. I was impressed by the cinematography of the film. I loved the more deadly version of The Riddler, and the performance of that character gave a psychological horror vibe. The only common complaint is the film is longer than it needed to be. The ending definitely helped set up for future films. I am sure you all have seen a certain deleted scene that has been floating around, so we know eventually Batman will be up against you know who.

If you are a Batman fan, then I will recommend giving The Batman a fair shot especially to see yet another adaptation that gives us a different universe to explore. They did purposely to get away from the DCEU, and allow them the freedom to explore storylines we have yet to see portrayed on screen. I am highly interested to see where it goes from here, and it is already announce The Batman 2 is in productions, as well as two spin-off series.

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