The 24 Hour Charity Stream – Summer Session Retrospective



I count myself lucky that I have been able to attend the 24 Hour Charity streams for the past few years now.
It always ends up being a fun time, and you never know the shenanigans that will ensue. This year was no different.

To give you an inside look of what exactly happens during these events, it is just us playing video games, joking around with each other, and enjoying each other’s company. There are two chairs set up so someone can play video games while the other person commentates. We were mainly streaming via Twitch, though there was a live feed available on Facebook as well. I gave it my best go in the commentating bit, though it needs a bit of work.


We had a good amount of people visit, such as the crew from First Angel Media. Once Lydia Juice showed, that’s when  things really starting going off the rails. They added a brand of humor to the place, and they came up with an idea of a Do Not Laugh Challenge. So you may be familiar with the Youtube videos from Smosh where people do outrageous things to try to make other people laugh. The person in the hot seat drinks water, and if they laugh and spit out the water, they lose. We did something along those lines for the challenge. It was fun and crazy, and added something different to the mix. And a certain fox suit ended up getting violated during the process.

After that, the rest of the evening continued smoothly. Every year, we do a late-night horror game, and the game of choice this time around was Silent Hill 2. Sometime before that, we also all played WWE 2K22 with custom characters wrestling each other such as Will Smith, Chris Rock, and Joe Biden. It is typically during the last 3 hours of the stream when sleep deprivation starts to hit so usually everyone goes in zombie mode and gets really goofy. By the end of the night, it was just me and Demo Demon who was left to end the stream. Then afterwards, we usually sleep the next day away.

We ended up raising $555 during the stream, which was a good start. We did not meet the goal of the $750, but there is still plenty of time left to do that. The donation link is still live for people to donate, and you can do so here. The next 24-hour charity stream will be taking place Saturday, November 5th for the Winter Session, so keep an eye out for more details to come as its get closer to that date.

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