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We finally got our first glimpse of the Marvel Horror side with the debut of the Moon Knight series on Disney Plus. The series gave us a chance of viewing a story that had no connection to the MCU and would get a chance to play out in its own way. It was darker and grittier than what we become accustomed to, but had its humorous moments as well.

The story is about Steven Grant who discovers he is being inhabited by a man named Marc Spector who agreed to become the avatar for the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu. He is drawn into an ancient feud involving the gods and Arthur Harrow who is the avatar of the Egyptian goddess Ammit. They must stop Harrow before he dooms the world to a grim fate.

The way they transition between Steven Grant and Marc Spector is very well done, and Oscar Isaac’s acting helps to make it work. Steven is the more timid of the bunch, while Marc is the more assured and knows what needs to be done. There are definite horror elements such as when Khonshu first appears to Steven or when Arthur Harrow summons monsters to battle against the Moon Knight. Harrow is a dreadful threat due to his unwavering belief and just wanting to see the world kneel at his feet. This guy walks on broken glass throughout the entire series if that tells you anything. The way that with the power of Ammit he can predict the future crimes of a person was almost like Minority Report in a way.

The fight scenes were a combination of action packed and some levity was offered so it was not too intense. For example, when Steven Grant is commanded to summon the suit, he takes that command literally. But it is a direct reference from the comics as well. The way they dive into the psychological aspect was handled very well. The viewer starts to wonder if everything that is happening is just a delusion of a man who lost his sanity. It all leads to an ending battle between Moon Knight and Khonshu versus Arthur Harrow and Ammit. And for those who read the comics, stay tuned for a surprise post credit scene that will leave you very pleased.

I enjoyed Moon Knight immensely and look forward to continued adventures of the character. The only drawback is that the final was short, and everything felt rushed. There are plotlines that got wrapped up, but there was so much more left to be explored. But if you been wanting a more darker side of the Marvel franchise, this show will fit that bill. All episodes are currently available to watch on Disney+.

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