Genshin Impact (Review)

Genshin Impact (Review)

Genshin Impact is a gacha action-adventure open-world exploration game that has themes similar to the popular Breath Of The Wild game, such as climbing, air gliding, solving riddles, and discovering treasure.

In Genshin Impact, you play as a Traveler who has been separated from their sibling and must assist people all around Tyvat in obtaining information on how to locate your family.

Gameplay: In Genshin Impact, you control a variety of characters with a variety of weapon combat techniques, including Swords, Claymores, Polearms, Bows, and Catalysts, as well as various elements such as Electro, Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, Anemo, and Geo. To mix elements and do a lot of elemental damage to your adversaries, Genshin strongly promotes team collaboration.

While exploring the world, you’ll come upon a treasure chest¬†that contains a variety of goods for leveling up your characters as well as ingredients for upgrading your weapons and artifacts.
To give oneself an advantage in a fight, you may also make, cook, and forge goods.

You may create potions to increase your elemental damage and resistance for any sort of element, as well as ascension materials to improve your characters and weapons when manufacturing.

Cooking allows you to create a variety of dishes that provide benefits like as healing, reviving, increasing attack, defense, and stamina.

Swords, Claymores, Polearms, Bows, and Catalyst may all be made using forging, as well as Enhancement Ores to enhance your weapons.

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Overall rating

The good
  • Easy to dump hundreds of hours into exploring the world of Tyvat.

  • Music in the open world, fights and boss battles are really well put together and souds both beautiful and epic.

  • Character writing and world building is pretty solid in making you feel for the characters and wanting to know more about the world you're in.

The bad
  • Drop rates are vary low for 5* characters and weapons and it can feel like you're wasting your hard earned primogems and wish rolls.

  • Farming artifacts in domains can a tedious process to get a good roll on one artifact let alone the whole set and can feel like a waste of time and precious resin thats limited daliy.

  • Certain 5* characters and weapons can only be upgraded and ascended by getting the materials in the newer areas that are in late game at this moment.

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