Free Guy(Review)[Fan Fare Fridays]


So often we play video games with NPC’s, and we dismiss them just as quest givers or just people in the background. Or in some games, they just serve as cannon fodder. Free Guy shows us that NPC’s do have lives, especially in the case of one named Guy. He is content going through the loop that his “life” until one day he meets a woman who changes everything in ways he never expected. As he becomes more aware, he finds a way to break through his programming as well as uncover a devious plot.

Guy is played by Ryan Reynolds, who is essentially just playing a variation of his Deadpool character. The game he stars in reminds me Fortnite mixed with Grand Theft Auto. Since it takes place in a video game world, there are easter eggs and references you can expect, and since the movie was acquired by Disney, there are also references to some of the other properties Disney owns.

The movie is humorous and fun, and you will enjoy as Guy interacts more and more of his world. In fact, I couldn’t help notice the fact that apparently the John Carpenter movie They Live was a huge influence on this movie. Both movies are about people who discover the truth of their world with the help of special sunglasses. Each movie has the main character trying to get the supporting character to put on the sunglasses, except in Free Guy it does not turn into an all out brawl. This film also explores the ugly side of the video game industry where develops steal someone’s work, and take all the credit for it. It has the right amount of heart, and will have you both laughing and cheering Guy on his quest.

So you enjoy Ryan Reynold films, as well as movies like Ready Player One, you will definitely enjoy Free Guy. It is currently streaming on Disney+ if you want to check it out. It is a lot of fun, and well worth the watch

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