Elden Ring (Review)

Elden Ring (Review)


Elden Ring is the love child of Fromsoftwares Hidetaka Miyazaki and the writer of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin. You are Tarnished and are undying. Your quest is to seek out the Great Runes from the demigods and make the Elden Ring so you can become the Elden Lord and renew the golden order.

The starting classes you can pick from are Vagabond, Warrior, Hero, Bandit, Astrologer, Prophet, Samurai, Prisoner, Confessor, and Wretch. All have various stats for any build you’d like to go for, And you can select a Keepsake item that can be a slite help to you on your journey.

You can customize your character’s face and physique to very handsome, beautiful, or downright horrifying, and you can have an average, thin, or even a fat body; the character creation can be endless.

Elden Ring is much like the other Souls games and is challenging and will test your situational awareness and patience, and it might not be a game for everyone.

All character classes in Elden Ring - Dot Esports


while playing, you can find sites of grace. Resting at a place of grace, you will refill your health, Focus points(Mana) and cure status ailments, and It’ll refill your Flasks which you will use to heal in a pinch. However, Most of the enemies you’ve defeated will respawn

With weapons, you have standard light and heavy attacks; if done enough damage, heavy attacks can break the enemy’s stance and leave them open for a repost to do a lot of damage. Shields can block incoming damage and be used to parry your enemies and leave them open for a repost

also, with shields, when you block an attack, you can follow up with a heavy attack to do a powerful counter-attack and can leave them open for a repost.

You can buy a crafting tool from a merchant outside of the beginning area to craft many items to help in combat, healing your horse, and navigation.

Not long after starting the game, you’ll encounter Melina, Melina will become your maiden, and after you meet her, you will be able to level up your stats at a site of grace; she also gives you a ring that can summon the horse Torrent who will be your trusted steed to traverse the vast open world.

After acquiring a Whetstone Knife, you can Ashes of War skills on your weapons and shields to pull off powerful moves and make weapons scale with your build. While in the open world, you can find many secret dungeons and items all over the world, and some are hidden in ways, so you’ll have to make use of the surrounding area to figure out how to get to them.

When killing small groups of enemies in the open world, you can get a small portion of your flask back, which can give you the extra push you need to find a site of grace. There are many NPC’s you can encounter throughout your journey with various questlines; some are simple, others can be vague, but you can get powerful weapons, armor, items, and spells from them.

At some point, before you encounter your first major story boss, you can get a Spirit Calling bell that will let you summon spirits that can aid you; however, you can only summon spirits in certain areas, and only one can be summoned at once, sadly you can not summon spirits while in multiplayer.

How Elden Ring Multiplayer and Co-Op Differs from the Dark Souls Series


Though optional if you’re having trouble in the open world, area, or boss fight, you can summon a player phantom to aid you in your fight; however, this also opens you up to be invaded by other players and initiate PVP.

You can put a summon sign down for anyone to summon you for aid in their troubles; if you want to play with your friends, you can set a password so only you can see their summon sign. Your main goal has a summon is to help the host beat whatever boss they are at; however, your Flasks are halved, and your stats are scaled down to the host, you and the host can only explore one region, and the host can’t go into dungeons while summoned in their open world.

While Co-oping if you’re the summon and both you and the host are out in the open world, you can gather crafting materials, sadly items that are statically in the areas, dungeons, and the open-world you can not pick up only the host can and you can’t ride your horse while in co-op.

While invading your job is simple find and defeat the host of the invaded word, your stats will be scaled to the host you are invading, and your flasks are halved.

Though if someone would invade you and they are a much higher level and wearing heavier armor, it can give them a good bit of defense, but their damage will be greatly scaled-down, making it more of a fair fight.

Overall rating

The good
  • It can be easy to dump a lot of hours into.

  • Music is fantastic

  • Game looks beautiful

The bad
  • You have to hold a button then tap light attack to two handing weapons, the same can be said to disengage.
  • Can be a bit of a pain during combat.

  • You can get lost at times when you need to go somewhere for the story and can be frustrating to some.

  • Wanting to play co-op with random people can take a while.

  • Just like other Souls games the story can be pretty vague and can put off some people.

  • Sadly at the time of the review, there is a bug in-game that can occur with the auto-save that can set you back hours of playtime.

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