Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder (Review)

Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder (Review)

This free-to-play Steam game called Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder is a really short but simple standard text-based ‘ whodunit’ visual novel murder mystery game. The synopsis of the game is that you get to play as the main character Detective Butler and your sidekick Gilligan is on the hunt to solve a locked-room murder mystery during a haunted cruise line voyage. While it’s a very short game with only 10 chapters, it does include 14 locked achievements and can be completed in an estimated time of 1 hour or 2 (if you play in between breaks). In order to obtain the achievements without the hassle of click-reading each chapter, you would just have to continuously press the [CRTL] button to skip past dialogue.
(Also there’s already a skip achievement called “skipper” in which you gotta read the game in under an hour)
-once chapters are done; go through your journal, review everything in the journal to unlock the bonus content- and then go through everything the bonus includes. However, there are a few pros and cons to the game.

Overall rating

The good
  • -nice artwork & lovely illustration
  • -character designs are pretty neat
  • -vibin' music
  • -plot twist
The bad
  • -there's absolutely NO save progress or autosaves
  • -10 chapters have to be read & completed in one sitting
  • OR else you have to completely restart the game from scratch
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