Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers(2022)(Review)[Fan Fare Fridays]


I remember when I was younger as I was eating lunch, I would turn on the TV, and watch the Disney Afternoon segment. Ducktales, Talespin, and yes Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers. Watching the chipmunks go on various dangerous missions as they tried to thwart the attempts of Fat Cat to commit various crimes and not get eaten in the process was a pretty entertaining moment. That eventually translated to me playing the various video games based on the Disney cartoons, which included the Chip N Dale video game. It was a very challenging game I will say and I remember only beating it once.

To say the movie felt like a nostalgic blast from the past would be an understatement. It was that and so much more. It takes the past and continues that in modern times for a whole new adventure. It mimics Who Framed Roger Rabbit where animation is mixed into the real world, and it takes place in that same universe.

The plot sees our Chip and Dale who have gone their separate ways, but who are called on to reunite for one more adventure to save their friends from Sweet Pete’s bootlegging operation.

This movie is very meta with so many references to various cartoon characters from the past and present. With a mix of cartoon animation and CGI, there is a lot of material that it is able to pull from. It even goes so far to feature the original Sonic The Hedgehog design from the first movie trailer as a character called Ugly Sonic. This movie was so much fun with the many easter eggs and call backs to various cartoon franchises. There was even a blink and you miss it reference to Beavis and Butthead.

I went into it not expecting much, and I can say I enjoyed this film more than I thought I would. The way they brought the chipmunks back together made sense, and it was easy to be engrossed into the story. The villain was a complete surprise as a character I never would have thought of. And by the end, it leaves you hungry for future adaptions, either of more Chip N Dale adventures, or with other Disney cartoons from the past.

If you are like me, and enjoy adaptations full of nostalgic moments, then you will really like Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers. It is currently streaming on Disney+. If you are like I was, and just sitting on whether to watch or not, I highly recommend giving it a chance. You may enjoy it more than you think.

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