All of us are dead: Season 1 (Review)

All of us are dead is a Korean television series available on Netflix that follows a school teacher whose actions to protect his son from bullies result in a zombie outbreak at the school where he works. It doesn’t take long for the infection to spread like wildfire, with the city not knowing whether or not the school has any survivors and hence evacuating, and the school not realizing that anybody or anything outside of the institution has been infected. The school and its students’ interactions for survival against the undead and between themselves are the primary emphases, however, we do see some of what is going on in the outside world via the eyes of several supporting characters. Problems such as social class, bullies feeding students to zombies, and finding a place to use the restroom without having to walk into the school halls are all addressed in this Korean zombie drama.
All of Us Are Dead series consists of twelve episodes with running times ranging from 53 to 72 minutes. So make sure you have a minimum of 12 hours set aside for this gore-filled high school slaughter event.
But watch out for those you care about, for this isn’t your typical narrative¬†zombie drama; much like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, anybody may die at any time.
Aside from that, the program has various twists that are unusual for zombie media, which I found to be extremely welcome as a huge admirer of the undead. While programs like The Walking Dead have lost much of what made them so remarkable as the series has progressed, All of us are dead represents the ideal that zombie media should aspire for, maintaining the classic while understanding when to evolve the storyline.

The show All of Us Are Dead is a must-see.

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